20 kw turbine for current converters

2 blades
3 blades

Overall dimensions, in mm:

Weight (with the 3 m propeller)
307 kg

Side view
Rear view


Nota :

The turbine can easily be upgraded by mounting 4 m diameter blades instead of the 3 m ones. This operations can be completed in few minutes by keeping the same propeller hub. It is particularly usefull while the current velocity possibly lower during the a season.


The turbine has water inlet and temperature warnings. All the parameters are possibly remotelly checked (V, I, P, Fq, N, Vc).


The turbine can be installed on various supports :

Below a floatting dedicated barge includng an integrated device to get it out of the water and up on the deck ("Hydro-Gen" type) On a frame or a pile set on the bottom of the sea or river. On a quay, une bridge pile, below a barge or a pontoon, etc


Good to know:

The turbine is sent, packed with instructions for assembly, operations and maintenance.

Spare parts, service for mounting, installing, training, repair and maintenance are on option.

Packaging: The turbine is delivered in a wood box for international transportation. Box dimensions, in cm: 178 x 113 x 97.

Total weight (including spare parts): 530 kg.